Welcome To Signal Flow

Signal Flow is a library of Royalty-Free soundscapes & presets created and curated by the Signal Flow Team out of SeaTeaSoundWerks. Our goal is to develop an archive of loops, compositions, one shots, presets & more to help you discover the tools to become the best producer you can be.

  • Royalty-Free Sound Libraries
  • Exclusive Kits Curated by Featured Producers
  • Raw Analog Processing
  • Premium Quality Samples
  • MIDI Loops & DAW Presets
  • Consistent Content Updates

Our space, collaborators & contributors

We collaborate with some of the most innovate minds and ears in the world of production and sound design to give you an entirely unique palate of one shots, loops, templates and presets that will bring your music production to a new level. As a member of Signal Flow, we will also turn directly to our community to help us find the next great talent and utilize this platform to give them new opportunities as well.

becoming a part

The ethos of Signal Flow revolves around discovery and collaboration. Rather than isolating our resources and abilities, we want the Signal Flow Lab to be an inclusive hub for sound design & production techniques - with premium products that are a result of that philosophy.

We will be using Discord to create a mainline between the community using our soundscapes and the space where the sounds are being created. Have a conversation with our engineers & producers, share your creations with our packs & theres a chance you may get contacted to join us in The Lab to make a pack of your own. 

We want Signal Flow to not only be a place to find your favorite sounds, but also a place where we can educate and integrate with the community to give this Library life outside of the music.