Sea Tea Soundwerks is a boutique recording studio — Serving the creative community as an incubator for the developing and expanding artist.
Our intent is to build a carefully curated, intimate song recording & song making experience for artists looking to reinvent the perception of how a studio should inspire the creatives working in it.

Our services start with a state of the art facility in Manhattan featuring an incredible range of equipment for all of your producing, songwriting and audio recording needs. We currently have 3 rooms available for recording services, all fully loaded with an ever-growing list of equipment & instruments from the past present & beyond. Take the time to check out our Gear List And feel free to contact us anytime to let us know if you have any specific preferences for your recording experience.
Our team consists of a passionate group of recording engineers & producers alike that have over two decade's worth of experience combined in songwriting, production & recording various genres and forms of audio. Our philosophy revolves around creating a non-intimidating experience where musicians feel like they dont belong in the room with equipment and engineers that prohibit an inclusive recording experience.

The group of professionals that have come together for this studio are here to solve any problems and answer any questions in this space - whether you want to use a set of pedals youve never had the chance to, or you just want the space to jam out - well be as close as you need us to be to make your records happen.


At Sea Tea, our goal is to help artists have the most effective and productive studio experience possible by giving them the tools and personalized resources in our rooms to feel comfortable running any type of session. Utilizing block scheduling, we’ve developed a system that can help give an artist an outline of how to maximize their time in a session.
With 3 separate rooms streamlined to work directly in our system, as well as plug-and-play integration with most personal laptop setups, our spaces range from full control rooms to more imtimate producer/artist projects - with our own in-house engineers ready to assist you with whatever you need on the way.

Please note you are not limited to the schedule times listed here, they are just a point of reference for how your time at Sea Tea can be maximized.

What We Can Do For You

We've compiled and organized a list of general and specialized services we can offer at Sea Tea Soundwerks below. If you need anything that isn't covered here, feel free to contact us via the form below or email wave@seatea.studio with your inquiries.

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Basic Rates & Hours For Using Sea Tea Soundwerks.

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Specialized Scheduling That Cater To Your Creative Necessities.

Our Amazing Team

Our hand-picked team is ready to make your next record the most unique expression of yourself possible.

Wrex Mason

Studio Engineer/Producer

Ian Francis

Studio Engineer/Producer

Jon Nunes


Dom McLennon

Owner & Artists Relations

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